DO YOU BELIEVE IN MARRIAGE without cohabitation?

July 7, 2008 3:16am CST
Two days ago i partecipate to the marriage of my cousine and her boy. She is three months younger than me and she have reached a goal in his life because she dreamed this day. She seems very happy and i'm too for her..but i don't believe in marriage in the same way. The world is changed time after time.i'm in favour of cohabitation.It's a way to know each other to find small and big differences before it's too late and it is necessary to involve advocate and spend a lot of money. My cousine and her boy are been almost always far from each others because he works in north Italy, they don't know each other well after ten years.This is unthinkable for me because before, our parent were forced by prejudice and stupid belifs, now we are free from this.... and you?What do you think about this?
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@mclendon (308)
• United States
7 Jul 08
The foundation for a stable family is a commited marriage. When you aren't willing to make a legal and spiritual commitment to your spouse, you shouldn't start a family because you are not a family without a solid commitment to one another. There are so many fatherless children and struggling single parents today because of beliefs like yours that say "Hey I'll stick around until it is no longer what I want."
• Italy
10 Jul 08
You're right i attack you, because i don't stand people decided for me. I don't' accept when youy say:"..because of beliefs like yours..."You don't' know what i think. I respect marriage more than other people fot this reason i discuss this problem. I think that every marriage should be something so important that people need to be sure, need to know the man or the woman he or she want side by side for life for this reason i think it's necessary before marriage a cohabitation.Than i said people don't give the same importance so many of them are justified by other interest. Excuse me for my aggressivness, i hope you have understand what i said.