have you ever seen hail stones ?

July 7, 2008 6:11am CST
hail stones are usually associated with heavy rains, I have probably seen them a maximum 0f 4 or 5 times in my life, the first one I saw was when I was 8-9 yrs old, it just started falling from nowhere, it was just like small round stones, was very cold to touch, we kids started popping them in mouth one after the other!!!! it was great fun, it still brings smile on my face whenever I think of it. later as i grew I used to hear them falling on my roof top in the middle of the night, the last was when we were in chicago we had dents all over our car because of it. We even claimed insurance and made money from it, LOL!!! have you seen them in your life?
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@mandykaren (2040)
14 Jul 08
hehe find this one little funny but that is becuase i have always lived England so to me hail stones is nothing.. well we not get excited about it becuase its the normal in UK lool I dont like hail, small balls of ice and if come down quite hard as very often do, can really sting.. Had hail this year actually, not long back lool maybe couple of times after some rain, mayb you know but we have had much storms here since last year, and i do mean more then the normal amount coursing much damage..Seems to be improving now, although stil much rain. I can understand why hail or snow be real exciting for you guys that rarely see it with living hotter country :)) I do love snow by the way hehe, that is fun :))
• United States
10 Jul 08
I've seen them once or twice in my life. And they weren't that big, luckily. I've seen ones on the news that were the size of baseballs. Ever seen those flying around? That's not the storm that you would want to be in. I saw them breaking windshields on cars and stuff.
@joyines (239)
• Singapore
9 Jul 08
yah i saw before when i was a kid. and the amazing part of it is that philippines is a tropical country and we never even have snow.but i happend once twice as a can remember and it was rainy season that time
• United States
7 Jul 08
I've grown up and lived in areas that were always getting hail, so I've seen them a LOT. It's a pretty regular occurance, where I live now, but they're usually little pea-sized balls. I've seen hail close to baseball size before, and that was actually rather scary. We ended up having to have our roof and a couple of windows replaced.