what do you like to do when u r home alone?

@guzalnur (136)
July 7, 2008 6:27am CST
mostly i watch t.v,or surf the internet while simutaneously chatting with my friends on IM,+ downloading youtube wideo file but now its to boored wht next i have to do?
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@patzel88 (3311)
• Philippines
8 Jul 08
i am more on internet, surfing songs. but sometimes if i get bored i will take a nap too.
@mynurkiz (62)
• China
7 Jul 08
mostly i watch t.v,or surf the internet
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
7 Jul 08
I'd enjoy being alone at home - I'd read, watch TV, surf the net, myLot and eat my favourite snacks. I don't think I'll be bored - too little time to relax and be alone!
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
7 Jul 08
Well if that ever happens, I would be on the computer, here at myLot, posting away.. There is hardly ever a time that I am home alone.. When my kids go, I go along with them.. When I used to stay with others, I will have the house to myself, but then again, my kids are there with me too.
• United States
7 Jul 08
I play music and dance in the living room. Its fun exercise and a good stress reliever. Our daughter of course loves to dance with her diaper butt. She is always begging me to pick her up so she can dance with me.