any near death experiences or horrific acciedents or close calls?

tornado damage - americus, georgia march 5, 2007
United States
July 7, 2008 7:01am CST
when i was bout 24-25 i lived in london england. i thought it was great until i got on the tube the day it was attacked by terrorist. then a few years later i had just given birth to my daughter. she was two weeks old when a tornado came to rip the town apart. the tornado came right over the house. we were lucky - minor damages but every house around us was mashed in with trees and branches. the really crazy part was this: i had to induce labory because i was have contractions that would come and go. checked into the hospital two weeks before my actual due date. had my daughter and brought her home. the tornado hit - it completely wiped out the hospital i was in for my delivery. talk about a close call- gives me goose bumps still when i thinking about how close i have come to seeing my end. so what are some of your experiences? any bad car acceidents? or natural desasters that have help you to reorginize your priorities?
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