what's next for pacman

July 7, 2008 12:05pm CST
the former, IBF flyweight champ, WBC superbantamweight champion, WBC superfeatherweight champion, and the new WBC Lightweight champion of the world. what is next for manny pacquiao? will he take the undefeated WBA superfeatherweight champ Edwin valero, who had 24 wins, 0 loses, and 24 KOs, that's a hard puncher right there, but he didn't prove to be the best because he hasn't fought any great boxers or champs in the superfeatherweight division, like joan guzman, juan manuel marquez, and others, pure power but no skills, i think Pacman can defeat this guy easily because of speed, skills and power, but I prefer Manny Pacquiao to move up to welterweight division and take the WBA welterweight champ Ricky Hatton, if he beat him he will add another title into his name, 5 time world champion in different divisions, it think he can be a great fighter in 140 lbs, but whatever it takes, even if Manny Pacquiao wins or lose, I am with you, all the way, More power and God speed Manny Pacquiao
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