Tips when preparing for a game

July 8, 2008 4:14am CST
Behind a game there is a training... a training to be a skillful and be equipped in the game... training is the most important in the game.. coz' training is where you give your dedication inspiration commitment and etc... now here is my personal tips;1. Dedication - to reach the goal 2. sacrifices - to minimized or stop your bad vices like smoking and drinking,and also you can't go with your friends reglarly like outing and night outs,coz' you have to save you energy always and to sleep early. 3. Commitment - family,study/work,church and training 4. Advance Planning - a week or month ahead planning whatever you want to do or important things to do 5. Health Diet - control when eating, to avoid under or heavy weight. eat more on fruits or maybe sometimes light meat,partnered with vitamins 6.physical exercises - like jogging for stamina, strengthening,forms, and more different kinds of exercises 7.Sparring - to study on how to apply your techniques in to your opponent and to know how to defend yourself against the attacker 8.Self discipline - whatever you see and what is in front that tempted you,control yourself,avoid it 9 Bruised/Pain - Apply Fortitude and endure yourself, its just a part of your training. "the more you sweat in training the lesser you bleed in combat"10 Prayers - Always Pray every time you start and after practice. especially in judgment day... Pray for your safety and also for your opponent. whether you win or lose, you must be a cheerful loser and humble winner... Maybe its hard to achieve but many benefits,"train hard and smart"if you follow this tips, even you fail to be a champion in the arena,but you are more than a champion for conquering oneself and to become a well rounded person... "in my own little way,i hope i can give some knowledge or idea for those who want to be a player,not only in martial arts but in all aspects of sports"
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