Why FEDERER is losing against NADAL?

July 8, 2008 5:10am CST
Roger federer is one of the greatest players of the tennis history. He is a class act. He has been the sports personality of the world for quite sometime now, it shows his legacy. His opponents are usually outclassed by Federer's game. But this man NADAL is always giving FEDERER a very tough time, since NADAL came into internatioal scene. Infact, nadal has won more matches than federer when they play each other. Nadal is best ever on clay, i accept, but now nadal has also beaten federer on hard courts and now recently on grass where federer seemed to be unbeatable. Roger federer is technically near to perfect. he has got all the shots, great stamina but still he is losing. What is the reason? Is it is psychological effect? Is it something in the Federer's mind that he can produce the best against Nadal?? what you say?
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• Pakistan
9 Jul 08
Rogger Fedrer is a good player, but against Nadal his performance always below par, i think this is psychological effect because Nadal is too quick on any court. And fedrer misses some his favourite shot, forehand is his strong point but missed too much points on forehand in final. Fedrer should consider his strong point to make them more powerful.
• Pakistan
9 Jul 08
well, the rivalry between federer and nadal is the hottest at the moment. I will consider both as equal now. I hope, we will be now going to see some of the great tennis of all time :)
• India
6 Feb 10
federer has a probelm adjusting to nadals game, and nadal has also soe mental edge over him cause of many wins, but fed when at his best can beat nadal .
@bumba1988 (1222)
• India
14 Jul 08
Roger Federer is the number one player in the tennis circuit these days and for sure he has left his mark in the history of tennis books.But,Rafael Nadal is definitely giving him a very tough time.I watched them at the Wimbledon finals this year and I would not hesitate to say that it was the best match I ever have seen.Maybe,federer is losing his concentration and the fact that he has lost so many times against Nadal may have come in his mind while playing against Nadal.
• Greece
10 Jul 08
Nadal is very young and he has dreams about tennis.Federe is a little bit old and he doesn't seem to be as happy as Nadal
@dianagnes (1088)
• Singapore
9 Jul 08
They both have played a extraordinary good game.I like!! They fight for their best to win.I think after much long duration of time they took in playing on the court,Federer somewhat lose his Stamina that allows Nadal to win.Hahah..Federer also thought that Nadal is able to lose to him and he could let go his repeated tittle for Nadal.Somehow,they both are SUPER good.