Describe your typical day

November 3, 2006 2:47pm CST
In a typical day what do you do? if you could make time for something what would it be? For me I would like to make more time for my family and less time working but dont we all!
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3 Nov 06
My typical day: I wake up at six, wake up my 2 girl and husband. Get them breakfast while they get ready for school and work. Throw a load of laundry in the wash and put away clean dishes for the night before. See my girls and hubby off. Wake up my 2 boys and make them breakfast. Clean up dishes. Play with the boys. Do more laundry. Make lunch, clean up. Put my youngest down for his nap. my other son and I play on the computer for a bit. Wake up my little guy and play with my sons some more. Girls get home form school. Get a snack ready for everyone, help my girls with their homework. If it's nice we go play outside. I start dinner, hubby gets home in time for dinner. We eat, I clean up. The kids play with daddy. Dad gives the boys a bath. I get them dressed for bed. The girls take a bath and get dressed for bed. We all snuggle on the couch until their bedtime. We tuck everyone in. I spend some time with hubby, then play on the computer. I go to sleep around midnight. Wake and repeat! if the kids are playing in their room I hop on myLot for a bit.
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3 Nov 06
sounds like you have a busy day, I work full time and really wish I could spend more time with my son, I have to make the most of the weekends! I have given a + rating for you!