Kung Fu Panda Style

July 8, 2008 11:48am CST
The movie is quite Asian. It took the Chinese symbol "Panda" to be the hero. However, the story is about a dream. A Kung Fu dream. Or another American dream of some sort. Overall, the story also involves a oracle: The criminal TaiLang will escape the prison(Bad guy). so the Kung Fu Master sent a messenger to double the guard and defense of the imprisoned criminal. They want to escape the oracle but just push it to be reality. The messenger's feather just accidentally helped the prisoner to escape the well-fortified prison. It is a very western controversy that Oedipus was reviewed by his oracle and his tempting fate many thousands years before. (Oedipus was prophecied to kill his father and marry his mother. Then Young Oedipus fleed from his "home" only to kill his real father on the road and marry his real mother later.) This is been called the Fate or Destiny. Well, the things sounds more Japanese than Chinese. In Japanese, it is called ShoKuMei or destiny in English. Another scene looks like so Japanese is the tornado like Bad Guys rushing to the Panda Kung Fu Master in the beginning and so does the "Awesome" hit to disolve the rushing of the Bad Guys. Those Scenes are quite similar in the Japanese Animation Inuyasha at the scene of the Monsters rushing towards the hero, Inuyasha, and he just strike with his sword and a powerful light hit the tornado of monsters and all of them vanished or fall from the sky. The two scenes are quite similar in my opinion. And in the Inuyasha scene, the hit is called Katse no Kisu or "the wound of the wind". And the scene of chopsticks, pigs, Chinese noodles and Chinese architectures just interests me.
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