kids are like parrots.

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July 8, 2008 2:17pm CST
my sister has been swearing a lot lately. she is 2 and a half years old and she is already swearing. she doesnt go to school yet which means she could have not learned it at school. my brother and i are a lot older than she is. sometimes my brother and i will get angry and swear and will forget she is around. the next thing you know, she is repeating it. she swear constently now, especially when someone else (outside of our family) is bothering her. people are shocked that such a little child can swear. i dont want her to go into school knowing how to swear already. i think she will get in trouble a lot. she is learning too much at such a young age, and its all my fault. i feel really guilty that she swears now. ill admit, its really funny hearing a baby swear but its not going to be funny in the long run. i sit her down all the time and tell her that its not nice to swear and that no one should swear, people dont like it when you swear but a 2 year old can only understand so much. shes an active child and shes a really good kid, i feel like i have let her down when people think she is bad when she swears. or even when people think we are a bad family because we have "taught" her to swear. is this common amung young children? does anyone else have this problem with their siblings/family memeber/children? and if yes, how do i stop her from swearing because this has to stop now when shes younger, rather than go to school with a potty mouth. please help!
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8 Jul 08
Lmfao! Agreed. Children can repeat quite the mouthful. I remember the two-year-old next door repeating all the swear words his brother was saying. The parents were shocked to hear of such vulgar language coming from the kid. I laughed, but that's because I thought it was funny. I'm sure you would have laughed too.