are reality shoes real?

@srpkinja (375)
July 8, 2008 3:32pm CST
i thought id stay home today and watch tv. ive been watching a lot of reality tv today and ive been thinking, how do they really work? i have watched "what not to wear" and "que-er eye for the straight guy" and i was thinking, do these people who are in desprate need of help from professionals have to pay for everything or anything they are getting from these shoes? on "what not to wear" every person who is volunteered by family and friends recieve $5000. these people go out and buy all the clothes they want, within the rules of stylists Clinton Kelly and Stacey London. but there is one twist, they have to give the show all of their old, ugly clothes. Does the show repair and then sell these clothes later? maybe as "vintage clothes". On "Que-er Eye for the Straight Guy" there is 5 g-a-y guys, who all have different professions and are professionals in their field. People volunteer themselves and ask for help from these 5 guys who have amazing connections. when they help someone they help them to the full extent. they give them a make over, new clothes, re-design they house/apt. they help them loose weight if needed, they teach them how to cook and groom that person. other than ratings, what do these reality shows get? is it all about ratings? how do they get money to give away? and do you think these owe these reality shows for their new selves?
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8 Jul 08
I don't think they're real. I think it' all a bunch of garbage.