How to use iPhoto '08, slideshows, movies, and more!

United States
July 8, 2008 5:23pm CST
iPhoto is a program that is part of the iLife '08 suite. It comes pre-loaded on any new mac, or you can purchase it and upgrade your older version on an older computer. You can import and organize your photos, edit photos, make slideshows, order prints, create picture books, add music, make films, watch films, and much, much more! First, to start using iPhoto, you need some photos. You can hook up a digital camera and import the photos, or if you have them on your computer you can drag them in straight from the finder or your desktop. To edit a photo, click on the photo by navigating to it using the side bar, and click on edit photo. You can do some pretty cool stuff with the simple, self-explanitory editor window. To make a slideshow,simply go to file, new smart album, then select slideshow instead of album. An album is like a photo storage area. All photos of a certain type can go into here. You can also make events, merge events, and split events, by clicking on events, on the overhead toolbar. To create a book, go to a picture or set of pictures, and at the bottom of the screen is a button labeled new book. As you can see, next to it are new Calendar and new Card, for you can also create cards and calendars on iPhoto, then order them from apple and apple will print, bind and ship you your item. To make a film of a slideshow, create a slideshow, then go to to file, export, then name your file and tell it where to save the movie, but first make sure you have all of the slideshow's settings set right! iPhoto is not as powerful as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Quark, but for simple picture tune-ups, iPhoto is the place to go!
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