weve done this, we solve and clean this

July 8, 2008 7:30pm CST
we created and invented good things but we know the results to our world we just dont mind this until there is only one choice of cleaning our mess. we say we invented something to stop the destruction i say we just created another problem cover up to the old problem. we think life is fair "before, it was" now even new born suffer from tomorrows problems 10 years from now we dont just realize that it is only one year ahead of us.. life and matter wont stop creating and destroying, we are destined to do this. we just dont know how to not do this.. every reader might say this is just a mur2x, but we cant just notice until we go out our office, house, room and look up to the sky and ask your self, "when was the first time i looked up the sky?" whats the feeling and the breeze u felt before and comparing now... life is beautiful, but it wont be long to be worst until we stop creations that lead to destruction not just to say its an invention, but inventions made makes scientist say "whalla!!" in my language and to where i came from whalla mean nothing. we made something but as time goes but its nothing... stop destruction, sacrifice invention and understand life is just a contentment from who we are and not what we will be... we became from dust and dust we shall, so lets make nature more suitable and fruitfull for our dust..
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@vanities (11343)
• Davao, Philippines
9 Jul 08
so sad that its our endless searching to improve the qualities of life that its our nature who had suffer much..and its only us i guess who can stop it..i mean the total destruction..