long distance relationship or just a karma?

July 8, 2008 8:21pm CST
we are so very happy and contented even were far apart,we always talk through phone,texts,or chatting in the internet just to keep or bonding and love alive. we discussed it already about the long distance relationship,that we will strongly hold our faith for each other. and if were together we are so very happy,and i always make moves so that our relationship will not be boring,i used all my strategies and knowledge. i give comments and compliments everytime she done right or wrong, gve some advices if she have problems... i never cheated her, she never heard me that someones flirting me,or an idea of a third party. and i know 100% that she have no admirers too. but WHY? why she to break up with me? is she just to shy to tell that her love faded away? or its just a karma because i break up with a girl before i met her... so many questions unanswered. she just told me that she loves me very much till now but she just want to concentrate with her studies. but im not contented with her reason,because her grades never failed. is karma true?
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