Daily GOAL

July 8, 2008 9:33pm CST
I read a fantastic article on goal settings, it states that you need to state in clear word your daily goal, and ongoing goals. I've presently organized my work following that guideline. I've set my ongoing goals for updating sites, networking with people and designing/patch works; I have set it keeping in mind my availability and needs. It was difficult to chalk out a plan, but, I somehow have managed to do it. My ongoing goals include checking mails, and replying to the ones that I think necessary, backup my website, update content, draft a blog post well ahead of schedule, and post it in time, networking with people and my online friends, design/patch works associated with my website and finally update contents in my website. I have also set reminders in Google calendar, so, now I get notice from Google ten minutes before start of each of my myriads of activities, which itself acts like my Personal Assistant. Besides, I often set daily goal, which is something I need to do other than my routine work(ongoing goal). Say, I need to write emails to know the Account/Payment Status with different programs that I have joined. So, for doing that I set a goal on a particular day. This has helped me a lot in organizing my works besides developing a kinda self confidence that - 'Yes! I have finished the work!'. Now my question is that how do you organize your work? Do you have any definite time schedule, or you prefer to do them as per your mood?
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