taking home some items from the office

July 8, 2008 11:22pm CST
Have you ever brought home items or office supplies from the office?
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@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
9 Jul 08
What a coincidence! Just last night while we were watching a tv show, there was a commercial about this issue. It stated that this particular act is one form of corruption. I've got to admit that I'm guilty of this. But I don't entirely believe that bringing home office supplies from the office is a form of corruption. I'd like to make a point here if you'll let me. For instance, there are days when we have too much workload and we are beating deadlines. So, in order to finish the task before the set deadline, we have to continue working at home and bring other office supplies along. I think it's but right to use the office supplies from the office to do your work. In fact in this particular case I've mentioned, it seems that an employee who brings paperworks and does these at home is the one on the losing end; mainly because he or she is sacrificing a part of her quality time for her family just to finish her office tasks. Also, this employee is normally not paid extra for the overtime rendered at home. There are also times when an employee himself provides for her own supplies at the office, which he doesn't reimburse his expenses from the company.
9 Jul 08
i like your answer because it happens to me, too. i feel the same way. thanks mykmarie_08.
@lellyp (245)
• Indonesia
16 Jan 09
NO, am never doing like that. Cos company just give us something what we need for we use for work, not give me more so i can take to home.
@karagala (447)
• Philippines
20 Jul 08
Yes I do. I brought home some floppy drives which they condemned because they thought it was defective. I took them to my friend techinician and he said they were still good. I returned them to the office and told my superior about it but she told me it was up to me to give it or to store it back in the office.
• China
15 Jul 08
yes.I usualy do this.It's more comfortable to do items home.i can also save my time to do other things home.i can cook and sleep on the sofa for a while.all of these are better than working in the office.