United States
November 3, 2006 3:32pm CST
My girlfriend and I ate this last night and let me tell you, if you like spicy stuff, and are tired of old conventional chii with meat....TRY THIS!!!! This is what youll need:1 lb. ground chicken 1 can tomato sauce (just plain old tomato sauce) 1 can crushed tomatos 1 large onion (diced) 3 sticks celery (cut into half in pieces) 3 carrots (cut into half in pieces) 3 cloves of garlic (cut up) 2 cups chicken stock 1/2 cup of hot sauce (we used louisana's) YOU CAN OMIT THIS PART IF YOU DONT LIKE BLUE CHEESE (see below) 1 bag tortilla chips 1 package of crushed blue cheese 1) Now, brown the ground chicken for 10 minutes in a large pot. 2) Add celery, onions, carrots, garlic to the chicken stri in and cook for 10 minutes. 3) Add chicken broth, tomato sauce, crushed tomatos, and hot sauce. 4) Let simmer for 20-30 minutes 5) Put oven on 350 degrees, put 25-35 chips on pizza tray and crumple blue cheese all over them. 5) Grab a big bowl, pour chili into bowl and then take your chips w/ blue cheese on them and put on top of your chili! (if you dont like blue cheese dont do this part) 6) EnjoY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let me know what you think, we both thought it was fantastic
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