My Doggy is to smart for his own good

@trowbdon (167)
July 9, 2008 10:01am CST
My dog is to smart for his own good. He keeps all his toys together in one spot. Every now and again he moves them all to another part of the house. One time all his toys where near the computer desk, hubby decides to start playing with the toys just to see what would happen. Well the dog starts moving his toys one by one across the room. Hubby has the last toy and wont let the dog have it. The dog sits there for a few minutes trying to get the toy. He then gets up goes over to his pile of toys and picks one up. He then takes it over to hubby and drops it in front of him. (looking for a trade?) But no, hubby drops the toy he has and pretends to go for the other toy. The dog spend several minutes trying to pick up both toys to move to his new pile. It was a funny site to watch.
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16 Jul 08
that is so cute. that is also remarkable for your dog to think like that.
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9 Jul 08
That's awesome. Your dog sounds like the three we have here. There toys are usually everywhere until they have decided where they should stay, lol. If you just happen to step on a sqeaker toy they all come running. You know they weren't interested until they heard the sound. Then they all try to grab the toy at once, causing them to walk in a line side by side, lol.