Food Pyramid

July 9, 2008 7:47pm CST
I think the Food Pyramid today is way to old for today.Most of it is very unhealthy for us and it's sponsered mostly by large food companies that just care about making money and don't care about our health.I've been reading a lot of the posts from and Mike Adams has lots of interesting things to say about nutrition and health.Today I got an email from his site and the address he sent is a free download.I'm sure anybody that is interested in thier health may be interested in downloading it.You don't need to join the site to download it
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• China
10 Jul 08
I think scientists should add some foods which are delicious and also are good to health to the food pyramid to make the health be easily obtained by people.
• Canada
10 Jul 08
I agree with you.Why is it thought by lots of people that good food doesn't taste good.Prepared food from grocery stores become toxic so this is why they need to add chemicles to thier food to make it look and taste good.Chemicles cost them less money than natural things added.They don't care about you.They care about their pocket book.People like Monsanto don't care what their products do to you and nature.As long as we believe what they say we buy thier products and they make more money.The best way to control people is with food.What better power?
• China
11 Jul 08
Yeah, some businessmen are blinded by gain and do not care about your health. We hate them, however, we could do less on it. I hope the govement could do more to help people to get safe food easily.