I miss my daughter

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July 9, 2008 11:21pm CST
This is not a question I am just stating the truth and I bet others feel this way to.I have raised my daughter by myself for 17 years,her seventeenth birthday is on July 11th,I can't believe how the time has flown by.I remember when she was just a baby and would smile every time she heard my voice or saw my face,I was the only one she wanted.She was my whole world all these years,I had to through her father out of our lives when she was four because he hurt her. I have spent the rest of the time just raising her.I did not want to bring men in and out of her life.I felt what her father did was enough I didn't want other men to come into our lives say they loved her and risk if we broke up there being another man rejecting her.So I kept any time I spent with a man away from her,of course there wasn't much of that under these circumstances.I have let her grow and become the wonderful girl she is.I couldn't be prouder then I am of her.She is a wonderful kid,she doesn't lie,sneak .She is always home by curfew,always has been in her boundaries,an excellent student,planning on going into law for a career. I just miss her so much,she is always busy with work and friends,though I understand it I just miss our time together.I miss her smile that would light up a room when I walked in or she heard my voice.I miss her needing me,she doesn't seem to need me anymore except for money or a ride.I know that isn't true,I know she will always need her mother,I just so much miss her needing me for everything.Just my feelings here thought I would share. Jas
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13 Jul 08
Oh dear let me give you some advice as I also raised two beautiful woman on my own they are now 27 and 28 both with great careers. They need me all the time. But now you should celebrate your life and what you have done. Time to live for you! I did and you'll find there is so much out there for you now. I remarried after 24 years. I have a great career. I love to travel and for the first time am able to save money since that can be so hard when your a single mom. Take time to enjoy the little things. I love to take the coffee and paper sit outside and enjoy the silence. Shopping that is new because now you shop for your self. Take long walks and just learn to enjoy and figure out who you are. Life has just begun for you since that past years you spent helping your daughter plan hers. Get out there. You yourself said life is short. Good luck my friend. Starting to grow.
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@selby70 (283)
12 Jul 08
I know how you feel but that will all pass when my oldest son first met his now wife I felt like that, but then he got married and had children and I was very much wanted then, and also the same with my daughter she is now 28 and I see her every day now, as she is married and has children and once again I am very much in her life. and happy birthday to your daughter. I also was a single parent for a time and even when I got married again I was still the one who had most in put in their lives. My youngest is 21 this year and the day he finished school I was heartbroken as he was growing up and would not need me so much, but he is stil living at home and I would not chance it for the world.
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@deedeehall (1144)
• United States
7 Nov 08
i understand there can be that lonley feeling .maybe you should tell her you miss her and plan some things you guys like to do togeather.
@yuye3000 (45)
• China
14 Jul 08
your daught don't belong to only one person, she has her own life.do you want her to be happier? if the answer is yes, why not let her live her own life.you can have your own life too.don't say man hurt you, it's you hurt yourself.we are all not as weak as what we thought we should be.