I cant manage my time properly

July 10, 2008 10:50am CST
i need some advice how to manage my time especially doing all my paperworks! at the same time daily home task usually i cant get home on time due to my class. How should i manage it properly i get crazy of managing my time ....
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• India
18 Jul 08
You have to plan everything. Unless you plan a routine, it won't be possible for you to manage time. Once you prepare your routine, you stick to it. Just see the differences.
@msedge (4012)
• United States
10 Jul 08
I think you can manage your time properly by doing things according to its importance.You should prioritize things in order.Perhaps this things would help you manage your time.
• Egypt
10 Jul 08
i think you need to make your own table design it first to be good for your life then try to make it very comfortable for you then i think you will be able to manage your time i wish that i helped you a lot
• India
10 Jul 08
First relax! A to-do list might help, but again it might stress you too much. Many times, people who say that they cannot "manage time" fail to prioritize. By that, I mean, spending a lot of time doing things that do not really matter, such as checking emails! Does this happen to you? Then you must prioritize. Identify the top five jobs that need your most attention, and go to "less important" but more enjoyable tasks later. ;) Hope this helps. Cheers and happy mylotting
@ocean4 (236)
• Canada
10 Jul 08
Mabey you should buy an electronic planner? I just use my cell phone but I heard electronic planners work better.