What the hell is wrong with everyone?

@cryw0lf (1302)
United Kingdom
July 10, 2008 11:48am CST
I'm so angry at the world right now. I've been a good person all my life, tried to do the right things, never been in trouble with the law etc. But still im punished. Seriously. What the - is up with that. All them bad people that explode stuff and - are happy and i'm sitting here writing onto a -ing computer screen hating my life. I seriously feel like killing myself. if someone puts oh life's like that always unfair!? UNFAIR!? What have i ever got from anyone? No love, no value, just anger and hate. And you know who i blame? My own mum. I hate her. She's made my life a living hell and now i cant make it better.
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@risris24 (712)
• United States
10 Jul 08
Unfortunatley we all feel like this at times, especially when bad things happen to us, but there is that well known saying "bad thing happen to good people". What has happened to you that you feel so bad? Killing yourself, or even saying it out of anger is not to be taken lightly and nothing in this world should make you feel that way, nothing in life is worth doing something so extreme.
@flpoolbum (2824)
• United States
12 Jul 08
Hi, I have endured the hellish roller coast ride of bi-polar disorder for most of my life. My father and his family suffered through some kind of mental disorder as my Dad was a perfect example of Dr. Jekel/Mr. Hyde, although we suffered with Dr. Jekel most of the time. He was a horrible monster, who made our lives hell. I don't know how my mother was able to live such a terrible life as she was the one who was subjected to most of his wrath. I suggest that you try to find a mental health organization that can help you. In the U. S. there is NAMI=National Alliance of Mental Illness. Where ever you live, get help immediately. Trust me, with the right guidance, your life could take a turn for the better. It may take time but it is well worth the time that you invest into it. I will think of you in my prayers. Tom
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• United States
13 Jul 08
I read your post 2 times and haven't read any responses to it. You asked whats wrong with everyone else. Read your post again, the answer to your question just might be there. Cry, am I hearing you wrong? Aren't you expressing hate yourself? There is no such word as CAN'T in my book. You can do anything and handle anything once you face the issues. To be loved, you have to love. To find happiness in life you have to love yourself and quit blaming others for how you are. Anyone can change, once they take a look at that "Man In The Mirror" and face the cold hard facts of life. Call Contact or any any organization available to you. In your words I hear a voice of someone that needs or wants attention. Did you really ask what you have ever got from anyone? Does anyone owe you anything? We become adults and make our own way in life. If we carry around the "useless baggage" of what yesterday did to us, we hinder our process of having a good and happy life. Please don't take these words the wrong way. After my only child dying at 15 years of age, I find myself "hearing" cries for help all over this world. Would you like to talk to me more? I am just a woman, that has no child and often feel like my life was meant to try and help others.
@cryw0lf (1302)
• United Kingdom
15 Jul 08
But to be honest...? (I'm calm now by the way) What did i ever do so wrong to deserve EVERYTHING going wrong- From the stupid little things from my mother always being on my back to being ill these past 3 months, and no-ones done anything about it. My doctor ignored me and said it'll pass- it clearly hasnt... Noone owes me anything i agree, but all i've ever done is help people, and when i need help, they dont want to know. You think thats fair? I hear what you're saying but then i know my life wasnt just to pick up everyone elses mess and make my own life miserable. Life is about happiness- and i try my best to make people happy all the time... so why wont anyone make me happy?
@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
15 Jul 08
You seem to have all the answers about your own life and you blame your mum but you never think for a minute how this could all be your fault. If you think that bad people have it good then you're in for a surprise. They too live shitt*y lives. Being angry is easy. Trying to find out what is wrong is more difficult and would yield better results than just ranting and blaming others. I never blame anyone for my problems. I start with blaming myself. If I am at fault then I have a chance of correcting things. If you start out with others being at fault then I have bad news for you, your life will never change.