what staple food do you like? any idea/ welcomet o join this topic

@qwe123 (253)
July 10, 2008 8:25pm CST
what staple food do you like? iam from guangdong the staple food for native guangdong people is rice so i do not like anything else so much we have porridge made from rice in the morning the porridge is quite different from those in other province rice is always my favourite while i do not like to have rice in the moring usually we have pooriage noodle steamed buns etc in the moring instead of rice and dish the we here means hunan people i come fromhunan i htink each place has their own habit of having staaple food although i have been inbeijing many years i still can not change my habit while i do geeeee sweet taste in the dish there are habits you can nevr change but there are also some habits that you can pick up nothing is impossible we spend at least four or five hours to cook the porridge to ensure all the rice was samash because that would be more delicious and nutrient in winter we have someunique culinay art on rice we put bacon tgethre with rice to scorch in a pocelain cooker when the rice is ready the aroma can be smelt far away
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