why do you want to studya foreign language? any opinioon?

@qwe123 (253)
July 10, 2008 8:49pm CST
why do you want to study a foreign language? the more languages you can speak the more people you can speak with in their native language and it is quite practical to be able to speak in theri native language as the native language is always prefered over a freign language so in the end you are able to communicate with more people and perhaps even with people people you would never speak with becaause of the language barrier so it is always an advantage if you are able to speak more languges for example the biggest reason? i do not knw while you see foreign language learning realy useful in my life for instance when i play computer you may have to read some useful information in english i love pc games i do not wanna die before i can understead which weapon to choose or the correct control in all i need those information besides i realy enjoy some good movieand muc when i mmeet som unwelcome trouble with my computer or something sometimes i need look for information nline sometiems we need keep in touch with foreigner maybe and about communication people from outside they know litle chinese anyway english is important in my life perhaps nevt time make girlfirend with native seaker if you travel to another country or if you can surprise a foreigner if you suddenly speak his language
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11 Jul 08
Studying foreign languages in school is often as much fun as pulling teeth... But when you have someone to talk to in a different language and are trying to figure out what each person is saying, not knowing the language can be frustrating. So... I think that there is value in learning foreign languages, even though pulling teeth might be more fun in the beginning, the end result of being able to converse with others makes the teeth pulling worth while. :)