Owning old SNES and NES?

@ak3600 (50)
July 10, 2008 9:33pm CST
How many of you still have a SNES or NES? I want to buy one just to have the memories :) so many games and so many hours spent playing haha.
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@tonev2 (30)
• Bulgaria
27 Sep 11
Yes i am a retro game collector and i still own a NES / Famicom and i will never sold it or anything like this. To bad i don't own any NES games ( and i do have an NES console :( ) I will never stop playing games like mario bros , tanks , legend of kage , twin bee , dawrwing duck etc. These games will never be forgotten :)
@modstar (9609)
• Philippines
18 Dec 08
I don't own a NES anymore but i do have a program installed on my Nokia 6680 which can play NES games. I installed Punch Out, Super Mario Brothers 3, Contra and Super Contra and many more. I have another program this time installed on my computer. It is an emulator which can play Nintendo 64 games. The name of the program is called Project 64. You should try it on your computer. There are also emulators for computers which can play SNES and NES games, i just forgot the title. If you're interested i can give you the name of the website.
• United States
17 Dec 08
I don't have a SNES, but I do have a NES. I have two just in case one stops working. They are stil readily available online, but the prices have gone up a bit. I have some good games, such as SMB2 and Contra.
@srpkinja (375)
• Canada
25 Oct 08
I think you should buy both. If its just for the memories. WHY NOT. Go all out :)
• United States
25 Sep 08
I still have both my old NES and my SNES. Unfortunately, I just never have the time to spend to play them much anymore. I used to love playing them so much when I was younger. Actually I still do, whenever the chance arises. The last time I played my NES, I was playing Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2 about three or four weeks back. Brought back a lot of memories, that's for sure.
@blahbag (27)
• United States
23 Jul 08
i still have both a SNES and NES and ive recently started playing more and more. the best baseball game is bad news baseball by far. the little bunnies as umpires is funny..( and no its not a really small kiddy game). Mario just never gets old.
• United States
13 Jul 08
I've still got an old NES. My friends and I still play RBI Baseball all of the time. It is the best baseball game I have ever played despite how simple it really is. We smack talk all of the time about it. There is even a website which has put togeather a drinking game for the game. We dont play it, but it is still a fun place to visit. I still throw in the old Mario Brothers and such every now and then. My brother still has his old SNES, but the games don't work anymore. My roommate and I have downloaded an SNES emulater though so we can play rampart. It is a simple and fun game which we still have fun playing against each other. It would definintly be worth the money if you could find a good system to play.
@Marcola (2776)
• United States
11 Jul 08
*raises hand* I have both. I sold my first NES and all my games for it to buy a Nintendo 64 when they were new. I later regretted it. Luckily, my sister gave me hers, which I had professionally cleaned and fixed. I went out and bought nearly every game I had previously owned and a whole lot more. I've had my Super Nintendo longer than any other system I own and would never get rid of it. There's too many memories attached to it.