End of Democracy for World Peace

@benze_pk (214)
November 3, 2006 5:21pm CST
World peace has since long been a hailed concept in the rethorics of states worldwide. It makes one almost wonder how despite all this beautiful rethoric the cruel reality seems to prove an entirely other image. Why oh why? The answer lies to my believes in the basic interests of states. These are so directed towards national power and prestige that they get in the way of a more globally responsible foreign policy, i.e. one in which other states or not exploited or threathened for personal benefits. This is especially the case for the bigger world powers like Amerika, but would third world countries be given as much power probably the same problem would arise over there. Starting from this point of view I have worked out a solution. The main idea is to abolish the practice of national democracy through voting, and replace it by a nomination of national politicians by the United Nations. To execute this function a special UN committee can be erected, consisting of political experts of different nationalities who will appoint politicians to a country on the basis of their capability. As the nomination and evaluation of the national politicians will then depend on a global rather than national choice, as a consequence their actions will also be directed more and more towards global interest instead of national interest. And if yet occurs a situation of violation of world peace for national pursuits, the UN expert committee can take up the right to fire the politician.
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