Law against indoor smoking....

United States
July 11, 2008 3:07am CST
Where I live they have pasted a law were in certain places your not aloud to smoke indoors. Do you think this will save lives? I think it's a good idea and a bad idea. One thing that is bad about is that this means that people who noramlly smoke in bars won't be able to were this law is in effect at. So for bar owners this could be bad for business. A good thing about it is it will cut down on second hand smoke. Which could save lives. How do you feel about this law and is there a law like this where you live?
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@zeroflashx2 (2491)
• Philippines
11 Jul 08
There's isn't a specific law that I know of. Since most people here who smoke just do it almost anywhere. Mostly they're rules depending on the place. Like our office for example, they have a specific place for smokers to go to during their breaks which is near the back of the building where there are few people who pass by. Non-smokers do suffer from second hand smoking. I am a smoker but I feel for them and try to avoid places with lots of people and non-smokers. I will support it if there are laws in general that would limit smoking.
@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
11 Jul 08
We have lots of rules about smoking here. They have gone overboard here tho. We have no smoking in any public place. No smoking in the workplace. No smoking in cabs. No smoking within like 13 feet of a doorway. Although it is nice to eat in a smoke free enviroment I think that they have taken it way to far. They put these laws in and the bar owners built special smoking rooms and patios for the smokers but that wasn't good enough so they banned those rooms too! I am all for these non smoking places but I think smokers have rights too as does the owner of an establishment and I think that it should be up to a business owner whether he has a smoking area or not.