what are you proud of? welcome to join this idea

@qwe123 (253)
July 11, 2008 6:12am CST
although how hard i was and am trying to make all the up all the time still i feel i ahd wasted all the wouderful and meaningfull iem of my whole life there is nothig i can do to bring things back to be the frist spot everytime i was asked this kind o fw questions just nothing was to share people say life is goinf on you need to move on i still smile everyone i eat everyday go shoping spend money for a little scomfort however the hollow things are stil there you can not pretend that theyare not there but there are there this is the thing i ahve fugured this out ans also i ahve figured that all stil i ahve to fo is making everythin upmaybe a few years later i willl be able to be proud of myself i am proud of my perseverance my sense of accomplishment comes from acquirement or something like that through y persistance and oanstaking work i enjoy the course more than the outcome
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@ami2007 (221)
• China
11 Jul 08
i never think of this question through, but you remind me,that's important fo me. i'm proud of my uncompeteable endurance.hah.i'm taught on it.but until i get older did i feel astonished about my how strong my endurance has grown. it's amazing.but not a happy thing for me, really.i pay a lot for this and don't hpe to pay more.
@Betty740 (19)
• United States
11 Jul 08
I think the best that that I'm proud of is to be an American; That is one thing that is the important to me. It seems that everyone wants to be one, by the way they slip in or come on Visa and never go back. We should all guard our citizenship and be always an person that the world would look at and say Yes that one is an American , you can tell by looking at him or her.