Have You Thought About Joining The eBay Affiliate Program

@WebMann (4732)
July 11, 2008 8:13am CST
I notice that a lot of people here on MyLot tend to try and earn money in ways that only earn pennies and requires more work that it's worth in my humble opinion. I like MyLot and have met some great people and made new friends but making money by typing in discussion or responding all day isn't my idea of a great way to make money online. Instead, why not take a portion of the money you earn here and purchase a domain and start blogging about things you have as interests. I like using my hobbies to make money. This way I know what I am typing all day is adding up into a make money online site, after a few short months and I know that because these are hobbies I most likely won't run out of things to say. Once you have your blog running smooth and are getting some traffic you can start to add affiliate marketing to the mix and some adsense or inline or contextual ads. The nice thing about this is that you don't have start fresh every day. Your site will build in content and popularity. And you will get more and more traffic. A domain is under $10.00 a year and hosting is dirt cheap now. I have an account that I can host unlimited domains on and I only pay $4.95 a month. Getting into blogging is cheap and fun and rewarding. What are the things you do right now that earn money online?
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