Newbie stewardess dump boyfriends.

July 11, 2008 10:48am CST
That's a general assumption that a girl join a airline, she would in all probability dump her boyfriend after 6 months to 1 year of flying. Well, i agree to the above assumption, and i'll say 80% of these newbie stewardess will dump thier old boyfriend and get a newer ones. And You...'old boyfriend be prepared for it. Your sweet angles would not be sweet to you anymore once they start flying. The saying that ''there are better fishes in the ocean'' It is always so true. One classic case was of an ex husband who wrote to the office and inform them that his ex wife lied when applying to the stewardess. She did not reveal the to airline she was married at the interview. (some years back, the airline would not recruit girl who were married)The ex husband ask the airline to sack her. There were so many cases similer to this, like i've said, flying creates a conducive environment for a crew to ''swim'' and get ''nett'' in the other people's net.
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