Do you ever help someone that you dont know?

July 11, 2008 11:54am CST
I beleive, everyone do once in a life time had help a person that u dont know. It could be very simply, by just give a free sit to an old women or old man in public places. Or it could be something that you even dont know yourself had lend a big help hand to a crawd or a person! It could be a person's life been save by you?! This morning, i was careless enough to drop my i-phone in a restoran, as i notice my phone was losed was about 1 hour ago! It could be took from someone alse and never ever give back to you! But in a surprise, the person who i though was my i-phone stealer, called my daddy and inform us that my phone has been save in his hand , do take it back in a date place that we agree. i'm so thankful to that big kind person! As you all know, now it's really hard to find a kind and honest one in life! So, do remember, once you help or hurt a person , God will know it ... :)
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• Malaysia
11 Jul 08
lol, u lost ur i-phone and the person return to u, wat a big kind man!! seriously, in my memory, i dun think tat i help some1 b4, mayb i had help some1 bu ti dunno.... lol, karma!!