males from the different people?

@qwe123 (253)
July 11, 2008 5:59pm CST
for example we generally say males from northern are more manly although i have met a few realy girlsy ones french are romantic janpanes are good at looking into details german are rational people british are cool and gentleman like italians are easy going australians enjoy their life americans loud and arrangant thst is not true however for some good loking people it is tre for them to get agood imprve impression more easily snce people alll prefer beautiful things that is why we are doing a lot of things to make us look beter a better looking is an advantage of doing lots of things on the opposite it is also quite often people are found of some people who do not have a good looking or even have anugly lookking especialy between grils and grils maybe soemtimes it is too stressed being with a pretty fried since girls always want to more attractactives that other girls the sying is still true when it comes to msot people peopel generally think a good looking guy is better in nature tahn a ugly one is ti a sterotype? is there any truth in it? many people say beautiful women only have apppearnaces they are generally empty in theri mnds however my experience teels me many beautiful ladies are smart and ambittious people always went to be beter one has beauty she longs for intelligence if she is both smart and pretty she wants to be nicer and be welcomed by more and more people tere is always soemthing that one wants to improve to get closer toperfectness my best freind is studying isn the school and i met lots of her classmates who are more pretty than i imagined ecause because i have heard that most of the girls are not good looking see tere are always exceptions while they are just a small part of people and they are precious human resources
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