What would you do when your room mate is snoring?

@yenwie84 (1345)
July 12, 2008 5:12am CST
Do you have this experience before? Your are sharing a room with someone else, and the person has a very serious snoring problem. What would you do about this? Can you still sleep soundly when someone is snoring like a train there? I never had this problem before. Last time,my room mate snored but the level of snoring still acceptable,which I found it not too irritating when I wanted to get to sleep. And now I am sleeping alone,hurray....What do you think about this? Please share with me.
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@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
12 Jul 08
Hi there! Well there is one way to stop a person from snoring. Just tilt the person or let them lie on their side if they starts snoring. Snoring is dangerous to one's health. It can cause sleep apnea - a condition where in it can stop your breathing. So if your room mate comes back, tell him he snores in his sleep and that he has to lie on his side for his safety. Ciao!
@SnigdhaB (36)
• India
12 Jul 08
I know that sometimes other people's snoring can really ruin one's sleep but it really doesn't affect me. I can sleep in any circumstance, be it someone's snoring, or the tv being on, or the music being played. It doesn't affect me as long as I have a nice and comfy bed. And I don't think that there is some remedy for people who snore. Its just a natural phenomenon I guess which can't be treated.