Superstiotion come true!

July 12, 2008 6:09am CST
I shall site two incidences where superstitions apparently came true . 1. Cat running before you across the road while driving is considered bad omen . So, drivers stop the car and pulls back for a little distance to neutralise the bad omen shown by the cat . Under such a circumstance the driver of a speeding car stops his car all of a sudden . The driver of the car behind failed to stop as quickly and hits the former car . Both the cars are damaged proportionately to the speed and quickness . If the driver of the car did not believe the superstition he would not have stopped all of a sudden and the incidence could have been avoided . 2.Exchanging lime ( used with paan and chewing tobacco ) directly from hand to hand is said to generate animosity between the two exchangers . So, those aware of this superstitions avoid doing this and use some piece of paper or leaf to exchange lime. In an incidence one , unaware of this superstition takes away lime from a friend without taking his permission. The friend is infuriated , because he strongly believe the superstition . He becomes angry with his friend and calls him name and quarrel starts . Animosity set in between them . Had the later not believed in the superstition the quarrel wouldn't have occurred . Your society may not harbour exactly these two superstition , but some other superstitions are in vogue there . What is your take on them ? Have you ever experienced such situations where the superstition itself is the culprit ?
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@Balozi (244)
• Kenya
12 Jul 08
Superstitions! Lives of people are literally made of them. Sometimes they are not aven religiously motivated. However, they do affect the lives of people.