MyLot and what???

@venkygec (783)
July 12, 2008 7:34am CST
What do you all mylotters do along with mylot... Right now, for continously 4 hours im on mylot and side by side im chatiing with my friends on gtalk, orkut... playing pool with another friend on yahoo messenger, checking my mails on gmail... downloading torrents... I also had my tea while on mylot.. There might be many things that you are doing along with mylotting.. what are they???
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• Philippines
12 Jul 08
Hi there venkygec! So, you are a multitasking individual huh? You must really be good at it. I also do some multitasking from time to time. I do not have much time to work on my myLot activities because of my other activities. That is why, while working on my lectures for example, I would work on myLot activities as well.
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@venkygec (783)
• India
12 Jul 08
Nice to hear that being a teacher you do have time for mylot activities... Im free and have no work so im around here... If i was working i think would not have been doing so much of multitasking..