How much possessively you think about him/her?

July 12, 2008 10:43am CST
Not everybody is possessive as I am to my girl. I always drop her to her home by public bus. I don't have my own means of transportation so I have to do that. But she usually requests me no need to do this but I can't avoid doing this. It is natural thing for me. Not only this, whenever we go in crowd I cover her body with my body so that her no body dashes or pushes or touches her. It really hurts me resulting an immense anger. Tell me how much possessively you think about these kind of activities. And please do criticize my thinking and this kind of behavior to her. I am truly a conservative minded person and I can't avoid it.
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• United States
12 Jul 08
Some people like that sort of behavior, but I, as a woman, would be extremely offended and feel like you thought that I couldn't handle myself or that I need to be kept locked up away from the world. That sort of possessive behavior (the following her home) would seem very controlling to me. I prefer more room and independence.
• Nepal
12 Jul 08
THanx for your response. I am so much confused what to do and what not to. I trust her but i don't trust others... I loosed 4 kg due to same thinking. My mind is full of negativity. I always get worried about this. Almost everytime. Please help me..
@amrishkj (297)
• India
12 Jul 08
I am not that possesive about my wife. I mean I give her room for her to breath. What you is strangling your partner. A day may come that she may feel suffocated and may leave you so its better to give your other half some room for them to move about themselves.
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