The secret of Bill Gates success

@Ricky007 (512)
July 12, 2008 11:51am CST
Everybody knows Bill Gates.. The microsoft tycoon..He din't even completed his graduation.. So whats the secret of his success..
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• Philippines
12 Jul 08
Bill Gates himself answer the question. He gave the 5 point master formula of success in an Indian television. 1. Passion,he got an immerse passion for computer. 2. Intelligence,make yourself intelligent. People have different degree of intelligence but we can develop it too. 3. Integrity,Be sincere in your effort. Be sincere in everything you do, in your efforts, in your relation, and in your business policies. 4. Good team,Bill Gates understood the value of good team. Even on his high school days he already understood the value of good team 5. Leadership. Bill Gates said we must lead our team to victory. So What are we looking for now.. lets find our passion and star working..
@tigertang (1750)
• Singapore
12 Jul 08
Well, I've never worked for Microsoft and a few people may take issue with me but I think Bill Gates's success is due to the fact that he was quick to recognise that the future of the computing industry was as a mass market, high volume, lower margin business. Prior to Gates, the computer industry was seen as something restricted for an elite group of companies. Hence, it was all about the hardware - hence companies that dominated the industry were the hardware providers like IBM. Gates was also a pioneer in realising that the money lay in intellectual property. The DOS was someone elses development - but Gates was the person who bought it, owned it and made sure that everyone could use it for a price. The basis of the fortune was convincing IBM to use DOS, and then he latter licensed the DOS to other hardware makers like NEC. Hence, he got his product distributed by other people and he got paid for the many users of his product - this was a classic example of using leverage to maximise revenue but keeping cost low. Most computer experts agree that Apple Software is superior to Microsoft's. However, Apple insisted on making its software available ONLY in its hardware. Thus the company had limited reach and had to invest heavily in things like developing its own distribution and the manufacturing of its own hardware. As such, Gates's genius was in finding the correct business model rather than in the development of the better product. It is easier to get Microsoft software - all you have to do is to buy a computer from a range of trusted PC makers, while Apple tends to be restricted to more specialised stores. Although Gates never graduated, he was educated enough to look for his opportunities and I think he has to be given credit for having the guts to pursue his vision and to share his prosperity with the people who make it happen. Just think of all the people who have become millionaires simply by going to work for Microsoft and collecting their stock options.