Dealing with International terrorism

@Ricky007 (512)
July 12, 2008 12:40pm CST
Everyone is aware of attack on WTC towers and the stand taken by America by attacking on Afghanistan..What u we can deal with such international terrorism..its increasing day by day..
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@gabrifvg (167)
• Italy
12 Jul 08
i don't really see it increasing. how long has it been since there was a terrorist attack in a western country? there is a lot of confusion around the term terrorism, and the media don't help to make it clear. if you think about it, what do we know about this modern terrorism? we know they attacked the twin towers seven years ago, but not much more. what are the reasons that push them? what is their background? who finances them? why do so many people decide to join terrorist organizations? it's similar to the situation in Cecenia. officially the rebels are called terrorists, but it's also true that they are fighting against a government who always opressed the region. they use methods i absolutely don't approve of, but are we sure they are the ones fighting for the "bad" side? when the soviet army invaded afghanistan, we didn't consider the talibans as terrorists, but as fighters for freedom. i'm not saying those that are fighting now are fighters for freedom, but they certainly consider themselves as such. i think we should first get some decent information on the whole situation. the reason why after the invasion of afghanistan and iraq, so many people joined the fight against our troops, is the same reason why so many of us would get armed to shoot any foreign soldiers entering our country. right? wrong? i'm not the one to judge
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