Which is the scariest movie of 2008 you have seen?

@dinohe (92)
July 12, 2008 1:38pm CST
Sadly,2008 has yet to offer me a truly scary movie. Goodness knows that Hollywood has made attempts ,buat I'm afraid that the horror films so far of this year have fallen tragically short of actually frightening me.In that case,I can only answer'The Happening',because it was so frighteningly bad. So,which is the scariest movie of 2008 you have seen?
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@callyw (191)
12 Jul 08
I have to agree with you. I love horror films, but none I have seen recently have been frightening at all. I saw 'The Orphanage' earlier this year, which is a Spanish film. It is more 'ghost story' than 'horror' and it isn't that frightening, but very good nevertheless. I saw 'The Happening' a couple of weeks ago and I didn't think that was frightening at all (apart from frighteningly bad as you said!) I often wonder, are the films getting worse or am I not frightened because I have seen it all before?