my father have diabetes,what can i do for him?

@guzalnur (136)
July 13, 2008 1:43am CST
my fanther have diabetes,what can i do for him?
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@cerryma (22)
• China
16 Jul 08
Don't worry! More and more people have it, especially in the rencent years. Diabetes is a kind of chronic diseases, so it must have a plan with a long time. Firstly, he must have a detailed health check to diagnose the tpye 1 diabetes or type 2 definitely in a hospital. Secondly, according to belong to type?, he will take different medicine, for example, if it's type 1, the patient usually should inject insulin. if it's type2, he should take oral medicine. Thirdly, it's very important to check blood sugar before dinner and after dinner regularly. Finally, he should execise lightly, and have healthy food by the recommend of the nutritionist. He should need your encouragement! Keep on!
• United States
13 Jul 08
i take care of my grandmother, and she has diabetes. the biggest factor in making sure she keeps a decent sugar level is having meals on a schedule. the same time everyday. and of course watching what she eats and the portion sizes of course. here is a link to a little bit of info on how to make living with diabetes easier, hope it helps!
@mynurkiz (62)
• China
13 Jul 08
my mother have diabetes too