Robots taking over and is it good for us?

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@alienstar (5140)
July 13, 2008 2:23am CST
Recently i read one artcile saying that in coming day's robots will dominate in one's life as these robots can help us in our daily life and sensors placed in robots cand etect many things and do so manyw orkd tahtw e do on regular basis and thus helping us in many ways.Do you all think that this robot introduction into our life is good or bad? as teher are amny negative factors also which should be considered here isn't it?
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13 Jul 08
along with the development of scientific technology,more and more things can be done by robots,which makes people's lives become easier.but still,there are some negative impacts on some problems just like the management of robots,the cost of resource ,environmental and so on. so i think it should be serious for us to use robots.How to use the robtot properly is a required question which ought to be thought more about for human being. good day! bro.