Have You Ever Cheated on Your Partner?

July 13, 2008 3:48am CST
Was there a time when you cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife? If yes, was it discovered?
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13 Jul 08
i did cheat times before but that was because they cheated on me first. i know it's a bad habit but i just did that because i was provoked. :D
@mEisky (825)
• Philippines
14 Jul 08
well..i also did it once..:) but never again..It was just my revenge for doing this for me..I hate i when it almost lost me.:( but i know its not good soo id stopped cheating again.:)
• Philippines
15 Jul 08
I'm happy you came to your senses. I was also cheated on and it's an awful feeling. I just broke up with the "cheater" and promised myself I'll never allow anyone to do that again to me.
• United States
29 Jul 08
I think people need to ask themselves what kind of person they want to be. If you expect someone to not cheat on you, then don't be a cheater yourself. I believe in having integrity. Some people also call it karma... Another thing is to talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend about what you expect. Do you expect to be totally monogamous and exclusive? Make sure you agree on that. When I was married then got separated, neither of us cheated on each other since we were still "married." It wasn't in either of our natures to do that kind of thing.
• Philippines
13 Jul 08
I cheated my boyfriend 2x??!!I don't know if it's actually cheating,my boyfriend lives very far from me.But i had this childhood fiend keeps on texting me emailing me.I know its hard to have a long distance relationship.I go with a guy just for a coffee and that's it.Maybe it's cheating but not that i got to the point that i would end up on a thing that partners endee up.I know how the feeling to be cheated,and once i wanted to get angry to guys.Now i've learned to somehow cheat just to make them feel that cheating is really bad.
• Philippines
13 Jul 08
Yes, with my boyfriend. He's been with me for 6 years now. Once in our relationship, I tried dating another man, and our relationship turned out to be more than just dating. It was never discovered, but eventually, after a month, I broke up with him. It seems that I can't cheat, or maybe it just so happened that I never did got to the part that I fell in love with the man I dated. Like whenever we're together, I still think about my boyfriend, I feel awful when I kiss my other guy, it doesn't felt as good as when I kiss my boyfriend. It was so hard, you feel suffocated. Especially when you are seeing that my boyfriend loves me so much without getting a hint that I am dating another guy. It was not good, so I told myself not to do it in the future.