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July 13, 2008 7:10am CST
dress in different occasions are you required to dress formally during working days and does it amke you uncomfortable? do you dress differently on work days holidays and other occasions or is dressing never a problem for you? any intersting stories about dressing yourself? i always dress inforamly because i ahve been used to it if i fress formally someday in fact i will feel uncomfortable to be honest i admired those who is good at making up and dressing it is a nature for whatever man or woman to seek fashion and to appears becautiful but i am tho si not good at amking up myself and wo not like amking up whenever it is working day or holiday at kind of girl wh i keep the same dresing i am always equally dressed i ahve a set of thousers and of pullovers with are all very similiar and i change between them so except to the color i look always the same no amtter whether i am at work or at home actually i do not like wear in formal dress it looks stuff and makes me uneasy i always wear jean in summer sometimes i even pull on slipper any my ideal working palce is at home you can wer homelike and did not need to care that much in my view we have to think so mcuh at work and hope we can disregard the clothes problems the companies which require employee to wear formally are state companies any way it is not my style to wear in formal dress it is respect to otehrs to dress clean and tidy everyone wants to leave others a good impression especiaaly the frst time to meet it is most important to met a person at teh first time so dressing should be attended to generally speaking people should be dress differently on work days holidays and other occasions when you want to an interview for a job you should be dresed formally and more tidy than usual but it is not suitable to dress formally to the party or holidays in that case you could wear what you like to make yourself feel free i always think ia m too young and should be atural without any decpration maybe i will like make up and dewss myself when i am getting more older
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