other idea for extra ordinary life

July 13, 2008 7:43am CST
hi friends I want to discuss to other idea for extra ordinary life. 1.Always remember the key principle that the quality of your communication with other and more importantly the way you communicate with yourself what you focus on is what you get. If you look for the positive this is what you get. This is fundamental law of the nature. 2. Learn to still the average person doesnot spend even 30 minutes a months in total silence and tranquality. Develop the skill of sitting quantity enjoying the powerful silent for at least ten minutes a day. Simply think about what is important to you in your life. Reflect on mission. Silence indeed is golden. As the zen master once said it is the space between the bars that hold the cage. 3. Enhance your will power, it is likely one of the best training programs you can invest in. All elite performer have high level of self- discipline here are some ideas to stregthen your will and become a stronger person.Donot let your mind float like a piece of papar in the wind. Work hard to keep it focused at all times. When doing a task, think of nothing else. When walking to work, Count the steps That it take to get all the way to the office. This is not to easy but your mind will be soon understand that you hold its reins and not vice versa. Your mind must eveually become as still as a candle flame in a corner where there in no draft, you will like a muscle. you must first exercise it and then push before it.gets stronger. This necessary involves short term pain but be assured that the improvement will come and will touch your character in a most positive way. When you are hungry, wait another hour befor you meal. when you are labouring over a diffcult task and your mind is prompting you to pick up the latest magzine for a break or to get up and go talk to friend, curb the impulse. soon you will be able to sit for hours in a precisely concentrated state. Sir Isaac Newton one of the greatest classical physicists the world has produced, once said: " If I have done the public any service" It is due to patient thought. Newton has remarkable ability to sit quietly and think without interruption for very long periods of time If he can evelop this so can you. you can also build your own power by restraint in your conduct with others speak less (Use the 60/40 Rule = Listen 60% of the time and speak a mere 40%. If that. This will not only way make you more popular but you will learn much wisdom as everyone. we meet, every day has something to teach us. Also restrain the urge to gossip or to condemn someone who you feel has made a mistake top complaining and develop a cheerful, vital and strong personality. you will greatly influence others when you negative thought comes to mind, immedailtly replace it. with one that is positive. Positive always dominate over the negative pattern are established over and over. Rid youself of any limitations and become a powerful positive thinker
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• Malaysia
13 Jul 08
Do u think of jump into the drain and swim when it is raining? Do u add ice into bath tub and soak in there in the hotel room ( let the air con flow into the bath room)? Do u ever go kiss a boy/girl when u first sight in love with him/her? manything can be extraordinary.. some can be just simple... for a simple person like me...