visiting outer space welcome to join thsi discussion

@qwe123 (253)
July 13, 2008 10:33am CST
some people say it will lead new technoloogy development anmyway it is just the national affair care it or not we can not start it or stop it let it be beccause the population of cina was so big there will be no room to stand in china in teh future so they explore the space the people can move to the moon ot mars and get a better life for sure it si very necessary my country will behind the other countried if we do not support or foster an environment of rtht sciene development maybe it has a lot of benefits and alos maybe we ordianry people do not the benefits so against lots of people think that exploring outspace sa waste of money and manpower i do not agree with this opinion becuase space technology is the mmost afvanced technology of this world if er do not reacher this technology we muct become behindhand becaue other country like the use and japan arealways researching this technology we do not research as quickly as we can we should become more and more behindhand on the other hand each research has its own value so we should support this technology and tomorrow we will see change flying to the moon best wishes
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