Jon Bonet Ramsey

Jesus -  She is with her mother in heaven now.
United States
July 13, 2008 11:26am CST
I just heard on Nancy Grace that new Dna evidence has been tested and the district attorney of boulder Colorado has exonerated the parents and family of guilt. Now I think I have the facts straight here let me try and give them to you.There was dna evidence in her underpants mixed with blood that had been tested ten years ago,but by the boulder police.Remember they botched the crime scene to begin with and thought they could do it all themselves and did not want outside help.The tests they did came up with next to nothing to find the killer,and ten years ago had they sent this evidence to the right lab the family may not have suffered through the accusations for all these years.The new evidence has been tested by an outside lab,it is finger oil dna evidence found on the leggings she wore that night,this Dna evidence matches with what was found in her underwear and does not match anyone in the family,thus proving an intruder.Now I know there was a lot of evidence that would lead people to think it was the parents,but this evidence proves otherwise.I think the reason for this is that the intruder was not a stranger to the family,the parents admitted that many people had keys to their house.I believe the person who did this knew he had time in the house to write his note and prepare before the parents came home.I am not sure if his original intention was to get her out of the house,but there was a stun gun used on her and who knows maybe the parents pissed someone off.I never believed the parents were guilty I just think it is a shame and the fault of the boulder police and investigators that the family suffered more because the press and people in general thought they were guilty.The boulder police and investigators were ill equipped to deal with a crime of this nature and should have asked for outside help immediately instead of being cocky and thinking they could do it themselves.Because of their foolishness a murderer has gone free we can only hope he is now dead or in jail for another crime,because with all the botched evidence there is no way now to prosecute this crime without a defense attorney being able to show the jury reasonable doubt. Jas
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