Windows xp or Vista?

United States
July 13, 2008 5:30pm CST
Do you like windows xp or vista? What do you like about xp and vista and what don't you like about xp and vista?
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• United States
22 Jul 08
I am a network engineer and I am always learning the new operating systems as they come out, so I had to load vista and learn it. Right away, I didnt like it as it was always prompting you for permission to do the simpliest things. I worked with it about a month on my laptop and once I learned everything I needed to know about it, I reinstalled XP. Xp by far is the best desktop OS that MS has put out. I am not sure what the sales are for Vista in the retail sector, but word of mouth cant be good for sales. I have not met anyone who likes it and my company is getting closer to buying new machines which will come with Vista. I dread it.
@hijay07 (66)
• India
21 Jul 08
i prefer window xp because it is compatible to all PCs but window vista is not compatible with all PCs Window vista are OS next generation
• India
20 Jul 08
I like windows XP than Vista. Since its easy to use. to me, vista is some what complicated. so i prefer xp.
@siddiqali (632)
• India
18 Jul 08
For me i didn't used the windows vista the new windows version of microsoft yet.But i think according to me the best operating system i have ever seen is vista.
@douchrti (176)
• United States
14 Jul 08
Vista is awful if you use any 3rd party products that MS does not like. I know from experience, many BSOD's.
@oollea (37)
• India
14 Jul 08
Now i like vista !! Earlier i preferred xp becoz of the "lack of knowledge" about vista and experienced a lot of difficulty in using. Since it concern a lot with security i doubted whether it is as user friendly as windows xp. But the design , security, some additional features, regional language support etc made me think beyond xp and now i'm using vista also. A lot of drawbacks and issues for vista and expect Microsoft people will do necessary actions to solvet those issues and make us smile :)
@Hayley_N (526)
• Argentina
14 Jul 08
microsoft word does work on vista ok are admit im on vista home premium only because i got a free copy from microsoft for help testing windows vista when it was in rc1 and rc2 and my opinion is vista is to buggy and has compatibility issues with my software and vista takes longer to start up then windows xp and windows xp is good because its user friendly works with anything u install and is more stable than vista abd it is very secure un like vista but the best operating system in my opinion is microsoft windows xp media center edition 2005 because its got everything i said before and its got media center for my xbox 360, thats why i dual boot xp media center edition and vista sure vista has media center but untill they solve compatibility issues,security issues,speed boot time up and make it more user friendly are allways prefer windows xp media center edition anyday hope that helped
@wisconsin26 (3859)
• United States
13 Jul 08
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Xp for sure, That is what I have on my computer, I wouldn't change it for anything at least not right now.. My hubby's computer has Vista and it's nothing but a major pain in the rear.. He's actually wanted to switch with me and i refuse to give him my Nice huh!