Trivia:Walker Texas Ranger

United States
July 13, 2008 5:39pm CST
First off let me say that I responded to a discussion a couple days ago that was a trivia discussion on the show Law and Order and that got me thinking that maybe I would start one on my favorite non animated television show and see how many fans of the show are out there,Secondly I want to say that this discussion is a fun discussion but it is also very serious and to make it a little bit easier I will make it multiple choice,here is the quiz,Question one. What is Walkers first name? A.Curtis B.C.D C.Clint D.Cordell E.Charles,Question two. What name do they officially refer to Walkers partner by? A.J. Trivette B. Gene Trivette C. James Trivette D. Jimmy Trivette E. Jake Trivette, Question 3 Why did Trivette get assigned as Walkers partner? A.Because his old partner retired B. Because his old partner quit C. Because his old partner got killed in action D. Because Trivette asked to me partners with Walker E. Because Walker asked for Trivette to be his partner,Question four What is the name of the semi retired Texas Ranger? A. J.D B C.D. C. C.J. D. D.J. E. T.J.,Question five In Walkers flash backs what is the name of the legendary Texas Ranger that just happens to look like Walker? A. Jack Hayes B. John Coffee C. Samuel Colt D. Big Foot Wallace E. Hayes Cooper,Question six Who or What was Washo? A. Uncle Ray B. the Reservation C. Billy D. Walker E. Alex Cahill,Question seven What happened to Walkers parents? A. They died in a plane crash B. They moved to Arkansas and left Walker with his uncle C. They were killed by killed by a law enforcement officer D. They were stabbed to death outside a Carnival E. They were spies for another country,and they got killed while on a mission,Question nine What holiday was going on when Walker and Alex shared their first kiss? A. Christmas B. New Year Eve C. Hanukkah D. Kwanzaa E. Thanksgiving,Question ten What Ranger Company Was Walker assigned to? A. Company A B. Company B C. Company C D. Company D. E. Company E. I hope that is not to hard and I will appreciate anyone who takes to time to respond to my quiz with the best of their knowledge, and I will also appreciate anyone who responds in a semi serious matter and shows this great show the respect it deserves,and I hope everyone who responds has fun,and enjoys this quiz.
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