do you believe in this saying?

@rlawliet (141)
July 13, 2008 8:18pm CST
"Once a friend, always a friend." well?? =)
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@MizukiZHR (611)
• China
14 Jul 08
No,althrough I don't want to say so.But making friends is all depend on two persons' feeling.When two persons feel each other very good,they can make friends.But after a period of time,they may find their differences in culture,hobby,and maybe religion.And I must say,forever fiends are exist but very rare.Maybe you can find one in you whole life.
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@planejane (188)
14 Jul 08
I do not believe that this is always true, although I do believe that it is possible.
@rbailey83 (1401)
• Canada
15 Aug 08
i guess it really depends on the person and possible situations. For me, that is true, i am always there for a friend even if i haven't heard from them in years, however, if they did something that violated my values or something such as sleeping with my girlfriend the no, my friendship would stop at that time
• United States
28 Jul 08
No i do not believe in that saying. I lost contact with people over the years and some we just arent friends any more for one reason or another. I do believe it can happen though. That you can have a life long friend but i do not believe that that saying is 100 percent true.
• Philippines
14 Jul 08
it is possible. but it depends.. I have a bestfriend for so many years but in just one snap, things changed. it so sad. she changed.
@metschica25 (5407)
• United States
14 Jul 08
It is sad but in most cases this is not true . Sure, there is true friendship that will last no matter how many years has passed , and how much distance is between you . There are people I thought would always be in my life and now they are no where to be found . I think true friendship will last though , and I am so happy I have found that in my adult life