is the whole britney spears s e x tape for real?

United States
July 13, 2008 8:37pm CST
i have read that her last bf that photographer guy took a video of them at a hotel where she is wearing her pink wig.. its already been sold to some company but they havent released it yet and people think it might not be released till she gets back on her feet so that he can sell more.. you think they are gonna wait before they sell?? i think as far as them selling it they wouldnt make any more than they would now but i guess if he wants to completely ruin her then waiting till she seems more um sane would be a good way.. what do you think?? they said its not as "good" as the paris hilton one and that one bored me to tears!!
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@dinohe (92)
14 Jul 08
I think its gross.I hope it's not real! Yuck,britney is young and very attractive,but i don't want to see they go doing.If it's real,I would never watch it,unless I needed a good laugh.Poor britney,she has a bad luck recently,wish she can get well as before soon.
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